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  New vulnerabilities in myPHPNuke
Posted by admin
on Saturday, May 23 2009 @ 19:38:26 CEST  (7122 reads)

New information from MustLive.

In addition to my previous post about vulnerabilities in myPHPNuke, here is information about new vulnerabilities in myPHPNuke.

New disclosures:

SQL Injection vulnerabilities in myPHPNuke

SQL Injection vulnerability in myPHPNuke

Multiple vulnerabilities in myPHPNuke

Administrators of all sites on myPHPNuke need to fix all these and previous vulnerabilities in this engine.

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  We are a back online again!
Posted by avw
on Saturday, January 03 2009 @ 15:34:20 CET  (10752 reads)

We like to welcome you on board again. On 18 December 2008, this website suddenly went offline due to some business issues where the company that hosted our website got involved in.

The myPHPNuke team is not in a position to comment on those issues as we are not connected to that company but we are very happy to announce that we are back again!

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  Hacked by MustLive
Posted by admin
on Monday, September 01 2008 @ 18:06:26 CEST  (10457 reads)

The site was hacked by MustLive. myPHPNuke developers and admins of this site need to attend to security. Fixing of all vulnerabilities in myPHPNuke is needed for administrators of all sites on this engine.

About security of myPHPNuke

I informed myPHPNuke developers many times about multiple vulnerabilities which I found in their web software. Here are my disclosures: http://websecurity.com.ua/2297/, http://websecurity.com.ua/2391/, http://websecurity.com.ua/2394/, http://websecurity.com.ua/2398/ (and there are many other holes). But without any response from them and any fixes of the holes, which is very irresponsible. So I hacked official site of myPHPNuke to draw your attention to security problems in this engine.

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  Server and site upgrade
Posted by avw
on Friday, November 24 2006 @ 16:10:20 CET  (21060 reads)
myPHPNuke Ruffdogs has upgraded the database server to MySQL 5 and that caused our site to fail on certain areas.

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  Ultra-Low Power Network Appliance Platform Runs Linux
Posted by avw
on Sunday, September 17 2006 @ 07:26:24 CEST  (20094 reads)
Linux Anonymous writes Ultra-Low Power Fan-less Network Appliance Platform That Runs Linux

We, ARinfotek, are shipping an entry-level, fanless network security appliance platform that draws just 2.4 Watts. The Teak 3011 is based on an x86-compatible AMD Geode processor, built in a compact steel chassis, and is targeting security appliances for SMBs (small- and medium-sized businesses).

The Teak 3011 is based on an AMD LX800 and CS5536 companion chip. It supports DDR 266/400 RAM, and comes standard with 128MB, and able to expand to 512MB. It can boot from an internal CompactFlash slot, and also has a drive bay for a 2.5-inch hard drive or DiskOnChip flash module.

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